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this is an old one, from when I first got my canon!

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Lord Avie

Breaking news: I am delightfully pop punk.


sometimes the dust works

Claire and Uvale

June ‘14

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URL inspired graphics: dressagexstrong

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Have some more Visage.

I still haven’t found the brand of the bridle yet. The logo on the headpiece is a crown with some lettering around the bottom (I can’t read it..) and then on the noseband it says S★C. 

Silver crown is the brand

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From a lesson:

Eric Smiley: What day is it?
Student: Uhh Tuesday?
Eric Smiley: What day is it?
Student: ...The 24th?
Eric Smiley: What day is it?
Student: ...
Eric Smiley: See I keep asking you the same question, and you gave me the right answer, but I didn't accept it as such. So you changed your answer, and you got frustrated and confused. When you don't thank your horse for giving you the right answer, he does the same.



I haven’t posted this picture of George before ;)

It was at our second Junior competition and it was the first time we scored 64%+ in a Junior test ^^

Love this picture!!

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